Zina Zinaida Zinochka Zinulya

Meaning and origin.

The Russian woman name Zinaida means “Born by Zeus” and is of the Old Greek origin. The very name of Zeus was written in two variants, with ze- and zi-, Zeneida means “Zeus’s daughter”. The name has the meaning of “divine, belonged to the god”.

Name and character.

Zinaida is rather arrogant, stingy. However, she doesn’t grudge for anything needed for the family. She is a sharp and captious at the same time. It may be really difficult at times to get rid of her good will. Zinaida is also rather capricious and impatient.

Emotional characteristics/Spirits.

Zinaida is a real born leader. However, she’ll certainly obey to a real man in the right time. She is always eager to be on the top, she’s a strong-willed woman. Nevertheless, she might be often unsatisfied.
Zina may be rather a complicated and contradictory woman, especially those with patronymics like Olegovna, Alexandrovna, Stanislavovna, Karlovna, and Semyonovna.
She is a real queen among her close friends. She feels herself quite comforted whatever difficult might the situation be. Zinaida never gives up, but she will never do anything shabby and mean either.
She isn’t a rowdy woman, but if does so, the reason is usually rather trifling. She knows well the duty of everyone before the society and themselves. And she won’t loose the chance to remind anyone about his debts.

Marriage/Family life.

Zinaida is rather unsteady at the beginning of her marriage life. However, the family absorbs her totally in a while, and she becomes even more sociable as she’s really engaged with it only.
Nevertheless, her originality and brightness don’t fade. She often leaves her husband nothing but to agree and submit to her leadership. She is usually the only person in the family who likes counting their money.


Zina is fond of various parties, dances, and discos. She spends much time equipping the house and making it cozier. She is rally good at preparing different sorts of homemade wines and liquors. Sometimes she is rather disposed to drinking alcohols.