Victoria Viktoria Viktorya Victorya Victoriya Vika Vikulya Vikusya Vikochka

Meaning and origin.

Victoria is a Latin word which means “victory”; it is derived from the Indo-European root “vik” that means “pressure, power”. The name means: victory, victor, and winner.
She is characterized with bright emotionality (Victo-) and sensuality (-ria). It’s a gentle, delicate feminine name.

Name and character.

Victoria is in some way rather unsure of herself. This is why she is aimed at self-assertion for the whole life yet in some queer way. Her behavior may seem sometimes inadequate and her appearance might be called provoking.
She is not the most sociable person; however she is really devoted to some few friends and to her beloved. Viktoria is rather melancholic. She is very sensitive and she’s very secretive at the same time.

Emotional characteristics/Spirits.

Victoria is a mysterious woman… One of the main traits of the adult Viktoria character is the show way and the emphatic manner she usually acts in. It’s not always easy to understand what she’s thinking about at the moment.
One may think she is rather angry with someone but she may just be watching and listening and often this is the main reason of her silence. She seems to be shy and timid; however she has the great potential. She is just rather unsure with herself.
Vika would live a calm life unless she was so passionate. She can change her mood quite quickly being depressed and excited within some short period of time. However careless she may seem, she is always just and fair.
Quite often Victoria is gifted in some way. Her attention and finesse are often combineâ with some emotional exactingness.


She follows the rules that someone might find rather Philistine.

Marriage/Family life.

Victoriya is extremely demanding when choosing her husband and does it very thoroughly. She might be rather doubtful about her chose even after the wedding.
However, she becomes sincere and trusting, devoted to her husband and ready to sacrifice anything to him. She is very jealous and never forgives unfaithfulness. She may be rather eccentric sometimes. Her husband may believe she is in love with somebody else.