Vera Verochka Verunchik Verusya

Meaning and origin.

Vera is the Russian translation of the Old Greek name Pystida (“pystys” – belief); the Latin word “verus” is related to the Slavic “vera”. The name means faith, belief, and truth.

Name and character.

The woman named Vera is usually reserved, concentrating on something deep down inside her, a girl with a difficult and discrepant character. However, when dealing with the emotions, she may be described as a steady and reliable person.

Emotional characteristics/Spirits.

Vera is quite a reasonable, balanced, logical and practical woman. She is very smart and specific. She knows perfectly what she really wants and won’t loose her chance. She’s absolutely free of dreams and illusions.
Vera is a kind, gentle girl. She is incapable of any violent deeds. She’s calm and cool. It is almost impossible to involve her with something to say nothing of any sort of a long-term activity.
Her character is based on the truth and essence our world is based on.
Vera is a real woman of integrity. This quality together with strong will and confidence creates the image of a strong and in some way fatal woman. However, she is not the one living “at full load”. It will be easier to win her affection with some serious intentions rather then with passionate, risky promises.
Despite the success in business, Vera is still rather unsure of herself. Sometimes she might be even suspicious and hypochondriac. Probably it’s the backside of the confidence seen by everyone.
Vera always takes hard the problems. However, she has no regrets even if it’s her fault. She may be sometimes seriously depressed as if she misses someone dear for her. Vera reveals her secrets to other people rather seldom.