Valentina Valya Valia Valechka Valyusha

Meaning and origin.

Russian girl name Valentina is a feminine variant of Valentine derived from the Latin word “valentia” which means force, power, and strength. The Indo-European root “val” means “to have the strength”.
The name can be translated as healthy, strong. Val is obsessed with the desire of being the mysterious or even fatal woman. However, the nature of her name is rather different.

Name and character.

Valentina is a very kind, careful woman. She is always ready to help other people, no matter how harmful it might sometimes be to her, and even not expecting any reward for her help.
Valya is light-hearted, good-natured, inoffensive, and gentle. She may sometimes seem a hot-tempered person, but not for a long time.
Valentina is a hard-working girl; she is quite handy, sociable and cheerful. Admittedly, she enjoys chatting, but this will do no harm.
She is secretive. She might withdraw into oneself and share her feelings and thoughts with no one. She is rather self-confident and thrifty.

Emotional characteristics/Spirits.

Valya tries to stick to hard and fast rules. She is a decent woman from the very beginning and proves it at the most crucial moments of life.
Her mood in a way looks like a changeable spring sun. The nearest people will certainly excuse her emotional outbursts, as they knew her real gentle character.

Marriage/Family life.

Valentina will certainly choose the love-match. However, her feeling is rather a reaction to the strongest love of the other person.
She is just not able to make someone else suffer, so she agrees to throw in her lot with him. She is absolutely involved in a family life and devotes herself to the husband and children. She will surely help the hostess when visiting someone.


Valentina enjoys receipting guests. She is quite brisk. She is keen on gambling games, easily looses her head and sometimes all her money. Valya doesn’t care the alcoholic drinks but will surely have a glass of champagne with pleasure.