Tatiana Tatyana Tatjana Tatjyana Tanya Tanechka Tanyusha

Meaning and origin.

The girl name Tatiana originated from the name of a Sabine king Tatius. The Sabine people lived on the hills of Rome before the Romans themselves. Another version relates the name with a Greek word “tattoo”, which means, “to arrange”.
The name has the meaning of “mistress, organizer, foundress etc”.

Name and character.

Tatyana is an imperious, stubborn, persistent and rather authoritative woman. She is very cheerful, charming and artistic. She is rather selfish and insensitive.
She’s biased. Tatiana prefers communicating rather with men and becomes more gentle and womanly in their company. She is quite sociable and friendly, but she seldom takes into consideration the feelings of her relatives.
Tanya combines faithfulness with dignity. She longs to be a delicate and well-balanced woman. She knows well what she wants and can’t stand objections.
Tatjana feels relaxed with friends. She manages to get her way. She becomes more cheerful, charming and even flirtatious with men.
She is not a dreamer and is able to take a sober view of things. Tatyana Nikolayevna is extremely stubborn. Tatyana Vladimirovna is a more quiet and gifted person. Tatyana Borisovna is a careful mother and she has a happy family life. Tatyana Mikhaylovna is the most peaceful and quiet.

Emotional characteristics/Spirits.

Tatiana is an introvert person. She is not easily influenced and has powerful memory. She sometimes might be too energetic and impulsive and it may cause some problems.
Tatyana is self-confident and it makes her feel comforted. She’s got a good sense of humor and it helps her to overcome a lot of difficulties. She is often rather harsh, but she doesn’t care of it.
What she needs is the result. Tatiana is strong willed, resolute and credulous at the same time, and it often damages her family life and relationship with her friends.
She seldom or never is sorry for something and has no intentions to correct her mistakes. She just can’t stand crafty and evil people.


Tatiana is not too strict and rigid. She thinks she has the right to adjust the moral principles to the situation and to her mood. She often feels like having a heart-to-heart talk.
Tatyana wants to reveal herself and share her grieves. She might sympathize with you but if you really need her help you’d better appeal to her common sense and reason. She will hardly waive her welfare because of you.

Marriage/Family life.

Tatiana is a real owner and that beats everything, even true love. She is eager to dominate in her family and it causes a lot of problems.
Tanya is a good housewife; however she’s often not satisfied with only one role. She should more care of her nearest people rather then argues or row.
Children are rather suspicious of her as she is a strict mother. She’s got quite few friends and is rather pragmatic. Tatyana is more interested in well-being and benefits than in spiritual life.
She doesn’t feel like change her life fundamentally. Tatyana gains men’s favor with gentleness and tenderness. She might be the perfect partner for those interested not in sex only. She likes conquering strong-willed men.


Tatiana enjoys traveling. She treats music and works of art rather superficially. However, there is something that moves her deeply.
She is good at cooking and keeps the house perfectly clean and tidy. She likes rearranging the furniture and changing the house design.