Tamara Toma Tomochka Tamarochka

Meaning and origin.

A woman name Tamara is of the Old Jewish origin and is related to the name Tamar (date-palm). Another version relates the name with a word “phamar” that can be translated from the Phoenician as “a palm-tree”.
The name of a small southern plant “tamarisk” is oŕ the same root. The name Tamara means “a palm-tree, a fig-tree, a date-palm”.

Name and character.

Tamara is a broad-minded woman. She has rather powerful imagination and she is very dreamy. Tamara is energetic, curious, inquisitive, and pleasant. She is very thorough and responsible.
Toma easily gets on with children. However, she is too critical and is eager to be the leader. She is not in the least indecisive, delicate or pretentious. Tamara is a strong woman, brave and bossy.
She might be also rather harsh. She is independent and self-confident. However, she uses her strength only for the welfare of her own.

Emotional characteristics/Spirits.

Tamara might be serious and anxious and still she is a dreamy person. She is rather a hot-tempered woman but she gets quiet rather quickly too. Surely, she is very charming.
Toma is rather childlike so one feels like taking care of her. She can withdraw into herself in case her life is too difficult and problematic. She may cause conflicts because of her straightforwardness.
Tamara really thinks everybody is as strong as she is. However, her born strictness makes her manage herself. She often sympathizes with somebody else’s sorrow, sometimes even too much and it might make her depressed.


Strict and fast rules are not for her as it may hurt her. Tamara needs love and tenderness.

Marriage/Family life.

She is eager to be the family leader and it may results in a divorce. However, she won’t get lost and she won’t let her relatives fail either.
It happens so they even abuse her kindness. Tamara is rather thrifty but she won’t be stingy of buying something for her children. She may blow up at her unfaithful husband at the presence of some unfamiliar people.


Tamara enjoys traveling and meeting new people. She likes everything new. She is good at cooking and keeping the house clean and tidy. She likes to rearrange and change the furniture.