Svetlana Sveta Swetlana Svetik Svetulya Svetochka

Meaning and origin.

Svetlana (light, pure) is of Slavic origin. It is a feminine variant of a rare name Svetlan (Light). It corresponds to the Greek name Photinia.

Name and character.

Svetlana is the most contradictory person. She is kind and cruel, self-loving and unselfish, decisive and unable to manage the situation.
Sveta is independent, industrious, and tactful but likes dominating the others. She’s flirtatious and prefers being with men rather then women. She is very careful about her family.

Emotional characteristics/Spirits.

Svetlana doesn’t care the talks of the town. She even likes being the point of the gossips. She doesn’t trust any man and thinks she cannot totally rely on them.
Kindness, purity and artistry prevail in her life. She is a fidget and is always in the places she’s expected. However, she’s rather a contradictory woman.


Swetlana really improves the people around her. She is ready to help with a good advice and leave the hope to the people. She is charming but doesn’t show it. She is a real mystery and she’s always very interesting.

Marriage/Family life.

Svetlana prefers to be convinced her future husband is really worth her. She is flexible and tactful with the relatives and they love her. She is very attached to her children and does her best to provide them the best education.
Sveta is a perfect wife and mother. She is usually devoted to her husband yet it doesn’t mean she is always faithful.


Svetlana takes care about her appearance especially when young. She tries to follow the fashion but her taste may fail her.