Sofia Sophia Sophya Sophiya Sofochka Sonya Sonechka

Meaning and origin.

The name Sophia is of Greek origin. It means “wise, wisdom”.

Name and character.

Sophia doesn’t like any long-lasting activity. She is eager to try everything in the world and don’t want to be unnoticeable.
Sofia happens to be sincere and she is able to listen carefully to somebody else’s confession and is ready to give some good advice.
Sophya needs love and love declarations. She has to reclaim herself. Her weak will, languor should not be shown to the others if not extirpated.

Emotional characteristics/Spirits.

She is a very candid and open-hearted woman. And you will certainly hurt her if refuse to listen to her story.
Sonya is a judge by nature ever ready to help and cure. She may hurt someone but this person will just become stronger. Sophia can speak about her own problems and the ones of other people for hours.
But it is not just gossiping. This is why everyone is eager to make her the confession.


Sophiya is firm and confident and is able to act heroically. She easily understands somebody else’s shortcomings but never forgives her own mistakes.
She is better getting on with someone else’s problem than the one of her own. One should appeal to her mind in case of conflicts. Sophia is very generous in all aspects and that’s her main virtue.

Marriage/Family life.

Sophia is the mother of Vera, Nadezhda, Lubov (faith, hope, love) and she is the one who keeps the family traditions.
She is usually very happy with her husband. Men are aware of her being unlike the other women and this is her main advantage. Sonya may be the family leader but she usually doesn’t want to play the part.
She is able to keep family peace and quiet when married to a man who really loves her. She gets on quite well with her husband’s relatives.


Sofia likes being among cheerful people. She is very hospitable, devoted to her family and is just keen on loving her husband and children.
She is a brilliant cook and is able to hold the most splendid party. She is a fashionable woman and her taste never fails her.