Raisa Raissa Raya Raechka Rayusha

Meaning and origin.

The name Raisa is supposed to be of the Old Greek origin and derived from the word “radia” that means light, frivolous. Others believe it is related to the Old Arabic word that means “mistress”.
The name Raisa means light, obedient, frivolous, a mistress.

Name and character.

Raisa is an uncontrolled girl. Her own interests lead her only. She is not in the least an influenced person but she tries to dominate the others. She is demanding to herself and the others.
Raya is extremely industrious. She may be a real friend if it’s not against her own interests. She may be furious and revengeful. But she is so clever and talented that her enemies are forced to be quiet.
Raissa combines strong will with flexibility of her character. She is sure of herself and in her decisions. She has a bright and open-minded personality and she’s dangerous to her enemies. She tries to keep away from arguing and rowing.

Emotional characteristics/Spirits.

Raisa likes communicating with people. She is inclined to introspection and it helps her avoid conflicts and problems. But she may be really furious sometimes. She is a woman without any complexes and prejudices.


Her morals depend on the environment. She will never forgive fraud and trickery and will severe the relationship at once.
She expects an equal emotional feedback from the people around. And when offended she will respond with even more powerful offend.

Marriage/Family life.

Raissa is a good housewife. She is the head of the family. And her family overcomes the problems successfully. She is the happiest woman if her family is OK. She gets on well with all the relatives.
Usually Raisa and her husband form a happy couple. It’s almost impossible to break their unity. Her husband even doesn’t realize that he is the instrument in her hands. However, she may become rather grumpy when old.


Raisa likes traveling or just having rest out of doors. She is striving for new impressions including sex. She likes doing shopping for the whole family. She is relaxed and uninhibited with friends. She enjoys singing.