Polina Pauline Paullina Polya Polenka Polechka

Meaning and origin.

Polina is a Russian derivative from the Greek and Latin name Appolinaria, which is a feminine variant of the name Appolinarius (Pollinarius is translated as “ devoted to Apollo). Apollo is the god of the sun, the patron of the arts in the Old Greek mythology.
Another version derives the name from the English variant of a Latin name Paulus (that comes from the family of Paul).
The name Polina has the meaning of “the one who belongs to Apollo”, “significant”, “little”.

Name and character.

Polina is very sociable, friendly and charming woman. She can speak just about everything and feels relaxed and comforted in any company. She needs success in her life.
Polin seems to be proud and untouchable and it costs her a lot to make herself deal with some people. She can easily loose the control when convincing someone. She is absolutely unable to argue.
She is very self-confident and often doesn’t think high of the others. You are surely her dearest person if she says well about you. Polina may seem rather indifferent and she is not in the least a sentimental person. She is not the one who can admire the beauty of the nature.
However, she is a faithful friend and she is worth telling the secrets. Polya will always sympathize with you. She is not very fond of housekeeping but she is a good housewife. She can be either serious or cheerful and even frivolous.

Emotional characteristics/Spirits.

It depends of the environment and the situation. She is a kind, sympathetic and unselfish friend. She is always ready to calm an offended friend; quiet a baby.

Marriage/Family life.

Polina is the most careful woman. She has respect in the family and everybody loves her but she is never the head of the family. She is very sociable and sometimes she’s even too credulous and frank with unfamiliar people.
Pauline is able to keep the family peace and quiet. She is rather indulgent to her husband deeds and even tries to justify him. She is a beautiful mother. She is always well informed about everything.


Polina might have some queer and even mannish hobbies. She is fond of collecting, going in for sports. She also takes care about her appearance. She is able to make herself a beautiful dress.