Olga Olya Olechka Olen’ka

Meaning and origin.

Olga is an Old Russian borrowing from the Scandinavian languages. It derives from the Old Scandinavian name Helga that is a feminine variant of the name Helgi that means “holy, sacred”.
The name Olga means “holy, sacred, light”. The mistress of this light and beautiful name is usually a remarkable person.
The persistence of the Vikings is concentrated in the name. Perhaps this is the reason of the integrity of Olga’s character.

Name and character.

Olga is a real princess with the people around her. She is serious, thoughtful but offensive and vulnerable. She is rather a self-loving person but this usually leads to self-criticism.
However, she might be sometimes envious but she is really sorry for it. Olga is very womanly; she usually dresses carefully and takes care about herself appearance.
Olya can’t stand anyone giving advice to her. So she is rather narrow-minded. She may be very hypocritical as she is extremely pleasant to the more powerful people and extremely slighting with the people she dominates.
She is good at cooking. She is a faithful wife. However, she’s rather cool. She sometimes feels like gossiping.

Emotional characteristics/Spirits.

Olga is a very emotional and passionate girl. She may be evil and revengeful. However, she is always able to manage herself.
Olya may sometimes even seem to be a fanatic. She is a self-critical person. She is envy with her successful friends. She may be dangerous when angry but she is a very devoted woman.


Olya follows the strict moral principles. She never forgives anything and can remind you the old mistakes. She feels like searching the true reason of difficulties and problems and destroys it.
She is quite aware of her powerful will but tries not to showm it. She doesn’t want to be the leader or to manipulate the people and if does so then usually unconsciously.

Marriage/Family life.

Olga always compares her admirers with her first beloved and she often marries rather late. She doesn’t feel like being the head of the family.
However, she is a very strong-willed personality and there’s hardly a man that is able to dominate her. She is jealous and is very sensitive to insincerity in love and might become rather aggressive.


Olya enjoys watching films and visiting exhibitions with her children and husband. She is fond of cooking.