Oksana Oxana Ksyusha Kseniya Oksanochka Ksyushen’ka

Meaning and origin.

Oksana is a Ukrainian colloquial variant of the name Xenia (Kseniya). Presumably it is of Greek origin and means “stranger, foreigner”.

Name and character.

Ksyusha seems to be secretive and reserved when a child. She avoids fussy and cheerful games with her peers. She is fond of table and board games and they need the gamer to be attentive and smart. She is quite good at school but she doesn’t really studies hard.
Ksenia is friendly with girls mainly but she never opens her heart to anyone. She is rather offensive and unsteady. She is the best at caring of the family. She is very charming; she knows it and derives benefit from it.

Emotional characteristics/Spirits.

Oxana is rather an eccentric and inflammatory person. She has strong will. Usually she is friendly and pleasant with the people around.
However, she may be go into hysterics in case someone makes problems for her. She is trying hard not to offend anyone and it’s rather difficult to offend her.
Oksana is the most uninfluenced person. She never changes her mind even if it seems she agrees with her opponent. A lot of people just feel her superiority when communicating with her.
She may try to reclaim her husband but often she just gives up doing it. She is quite independent of her mother-in-law.

Marriage/Family life.

Oxana is a real authority in her family. She isn’t fond of doing housework but will do it if needed. She remains an unpredictable woman even when married. She may be in a bad mood all the day if her husband wakes her too early.
Oksana is very patient with children. She is faithful and jealous, and she may withdraw into herself because of the faithlessness.


Oksana is a fashionable woman. She enjoys receiving guests. She may be easily carried away with different activities, sports for instance.