Nina Ninochka Ninulya Ninusik

Meaning and origin.

Nina is the name of the nice of the Jerusalem patriarchy Juvenalius who started Christianity in Georgia. It is supposed to be derived from the Greek word “Ninos-Nin” and this is the name of the founder of Assyria.
It can be translated from Assyrian as the queen, and from Georgian as gentle and tender.

Name and character.

Nina is stubborn and ambitious. She is very anxious about her reputation. And it is her ambitiousness that makes her one of the best. She might be even a mentor.
However, she can be tender and feminine if only she needs it. She will be really an excellent housewife. She is rather reserved and secretive. Nina may seem rather cold but still there’s some sparkle in her eyes.

Emotional characteristics/Spirits.

Nina is rather a wild girl. She tries to avoid the conflicts with the world outside. She’s got a kind of exquisite manners and she doesn’t like festivals. However, she is likely to loose the control.
The opinion of her friends is of great importance for her. She is quite friendly with her peers. She can be absolutely uninhibited and very shy at the same time.


Nina is a self-respecting woman. She usually follows her promises. She is friendly with men as well as with women.
Faithfulness usually hurts her deeply. She can protect a weak person but only if she’s well disposed to him.
Otherwise she won’t give you a glass of water even if you are seriously ill. But if she’s fond of you she will surely be able to do anything for you.

Marriage/Family life.

Nina needs a reliable man. She needs the husband ready and able to be responsible and resolute. It is not a problem for her to find a good husband, as she’s a beautiful woman.
She wants her family to be just perfect. Her children might be even suffering of the overdose of care. She often criticizes her husband, as she believes he’s enough energetic.


Nina is fond of her family and tries to do her best, to do it the most perfect one. She enjoys doing any housework.