Natalia Natalya Nataliya Natasha Natalie Nata Natulya Nataly Natali Natashen’ka

Meaning and origin.

The name Natalia is a feminine name of a rare and ancient name Nataliy that derives from the Latin word “natalis” which means own. It is also related to the words denoting a birthday “dies natalis”.
So Natalya means own, native, dear, born again. Another version relates the name with the Old Jewish Natan which means given, granted.

Name and character.

Nataliya likes being noticeable. She is a live wire and a frolicsome woman. She is very smart and she is inclined to deep analyses, so she is fond of reading detectives.
Usually Natasha marries quite early and spends a lot of time caring about the children. She is a cheerful and hospitable housewife. She is rather sure of herself and she is also a self-confident person.
She can’t stand even the slightest remarks and never forgives the offences. Nataly is kind, resolute, active, energetic and shy.

Emotional characteristics/Spirits.

Natalya is not easily influenced. It’s almost impossible and even dangerous to make a try to change her mind. She is too self-confident and hardly trusts anyone.
She is very subjective and has her own strong views on life. She is a sanguine person, quite passionate and indulgent.


Natalia is a girl of strong moral principles and may even be an aggressive Puritan. She is able to protect a weak and offended person.

Marriage/Family life.

It’s rather difficult to meet a happy Natalia. She usually marries quite early. She never hesitates when choosing her husband. She is attentive and careful with all the members of the family.
She is not the person who will ruin the family by herself, as her husband is deliberate choice.


Natali enjoys painting and acting. She is fond of cheerful companies, flirting and remains sociable and friendly for the whole life.
She likes traveling and enjoys playing the guitar.