Nadezhda Nadejda Nadya Nadia Nadin Naden’ka Nadyusha

Meaning and origin.

The name Nadezhda is an Old Slavic borrowing and is a loan translation of a Greek name Elpis that means hope. Nadezhda comes from the legendary martyr family of the three Christian sisters Ahapae, or Charis (Love), Pystis (Faith) and Elpis (Hope).
The Old Russian form of the name is Nadezha. The name Elpis derives from the root that has the meaning of “will” and the Russian word “nadezhda” (hope) is derived from the verb “to act”.

Name and character.

Nadezhda’s character is dramatic and contradictory combinations of the strong will, commercialism, secretiveness, purposefulness, generosity, emotionality, and adventurism.
She is not able to say “no” to the person she loves. Positivism, energy and persuasion create an energetic and open image of the name.

Emotional characteristics/Spirits.

Nadezhda is merely uncontrolled. She is unsteady and hot-tempered. Sometimes even the most innocent and trifling joke or remark can just drive her mad.
Nadezda is a moody person. She may be quite unpredictable because of the contradictory character.


Nadejda is noble-minded and often places everything close to her heart. She is a real true fighter.
And tomorrow she could fight for the ideas she opposed yesterday. She can be demanding and brutal.

Marriage/Family life.

Nadya is capable of a devoted love. When married, she often becomes more even and calm, reserved anâ organized. She might be rather emotional when treating her husband yet she won’t demonstrate all her feelings.
She is the leader of the family and she dominates her husband yet very tactfully and delicate. Nadia does all the work about the house in time. She has a great authority with her children. However, her marriage is not always lasting.


Nadejda is the woman who just lives her children’s life. She likes planting.