Marina Marinochka Marisha Marishka

Meaning and origin.

The name Marina is a feminine variant of a rare and ancient name Marin that derives from the Latin word “marinus”, which means “marine, related with the sea”.

Name and character.

Marina is very sure of herself and for good reasons. The girls called Marina are especially and dramatically charming and enchanting that makes men merely helpless against their magic and attractiveness.
Marina is clever, brave and uninhibited. She is a self-respected woman. She just cannot stand being unnoticed. However, she feels herself rather lonely even when with her sweetheart. The women whose patronymics are Vladimirovna, Matveyevna and Andrianovna are rather complicated persons.

Emotional characteristics/Spirits.

Marina is the master for herself with powerful imagination. She might not know what she’s going to do in some few seconds. She is so childlike that everyone wants to take care about her.
Marina may withdraw with herself in case life becomes too difficult and problematic. She doesn’t always follow what she’s said. She can give up if it is too dangerous. However she can manage her emotions. This is why she usually acts reasonably and considerably.
She may cultivate the feeling of loneliness and anguish. Sometimes she is intoxicated with her own love sufferings. Life even might seem dull and boring for her without them.


Her virtues are not always demonstrated to everybody. Marina is friendly and pleasant with the people around.
Nevertheless, it may be rather difficult to become really close to her heart. She is inclined to melancholy and easily gets depressed.

Marriage/Family life.

What she needs most is love and tenderness. Strong and fast rules might even hurt her. Marina is rather impulsive and unpredictable with children.
She is either living their lives or just doesn’t care of them at all. Marina is waiting for the one and unique man of her dream actually. What she searches in a marriage is quiet and steady life.
Her husband should pay her much attention, otherwise there might be some serious problems. She won’t forgive faithlessness and may end with a divorce.


Marina needs admiration, sawder and flowers. She may be a creative cook who can just amaze the guests with the most delicious dishes.