Maria Mariya Marya Masha Mashenka Mashulya

Meaning and origin.

The name is supposed to be of the Old Jewish origin and means: be against something, deny, be bitter; saint, high and tall, bitter, beloved, obstinate, sad, and persistence, superiority, mistress, lady.

Name and character.

Maria is a woman of a rare kindness. She is the best friend one can even dream about. She is instinctively ready to help just everyone. She has a rare gift of making sacrifice.
Mariya is able to devote her life to the husband, children, and favorite books. Her motto is “I pity them all. I must help them!”
Maria is very intelligent and feels like doing philosophy. She may be an extrasensory individual, a psychiatrist, a fortuneteller, a sorceress, and a fairy.
She is always gifted with some extraordinary abilities but she just doesn’t have spare time to develop them. Marya is an elegant, nice and good housewife. But still her life is the mirror for the people who love her.

Emotional characteristics/Spirits.

Maria is an introvert person. She may withdraw with herself and she doesn’t feel like showing her deep feelings.
She’s very secretive. And she is very self-confident and practical at the same time.


Marya follows the rules and principles that are even too strict. She is a decent person from the very beginning and she proves to be so in the most crucial moments of her life.

Marriage/Family life.

Maria is all kindness, attention and care. She’s always ready to help. She will be a faithful wife, caring and devoted mother.