Luda Lyuda Ludmila Lyudmila Luydmila Liydmila Lyudochka

Meaning and origin.

The name Ludmila is a feminine variant of a Slavic name Ludmil which consists of two words “lud”-people-and “mil”- nice, pleasant. The name Ludmil is used quite often in Bulgaria.
Lidmila (Slav.) means “pleasant with people”, it derives from the Indo-European root “spreading” and a Latin one that means “freedom”, “obstacle”.

Name and character.

Ludmila is a very passionate woman. However she tries to be well balanced for the whole life, and sometimes seems to be rather shy. She receives rather sorrows and problems then joys of life.
She enjoys being in the life fuss. Those girls whose patronymics are Nikolayevna, Vladimirovna, Alexandrovna, and Dmitriyevna are usually more complicated persons.

Emotional characteristics/Spirits.

Ludmila usually loves the people around but in some queer way. She is rather an unsteady person and it makes her act unreasonably sometimes. And often it only damages her.
She is easily influenced and often changes her opinion. Lyuda isn’t a person who often acts without consideration. Usually she is not capable of Shakespearean madness.


Ludmila is a real mentor and is adherent to strong moral principles. And even without this adherence she remains very attractive.
She often feels like help other people but not always successfully.
She might be the most active supporter of the idea she was strongly against just a few days ago.

Marriage/Family life.

Luydmila is a reasonable and merely perfect housewife. She hates difficulties and obstacles and wastes away when criticized. This is why she is the leader of the family, an excellent mother and wife.
This is her favorite play and the main part is hers. She is a well-breaded person with the perfect taste. Her children always look the most charming.
When divorced, Ludmila never looses her temper and keeps trying to get married again.


Lyudmila usually reads a lot and is a very sociable woman. She likes visiting people and receiving guests.
She needs to be praised and encouraged. She is an excellent and creative cook.