Luba Lubov Lyuba Lyubochka Lyubasha Liubov Ljubov Lyubov Luybov

Meaning and origin.

The name Liubov (Old Slav. Liubava, Liubasha) is an Old Russian language borrowing and is a loan translation of the Greek word, which means love.
Others believe that it’s the translation of the Greek “Ahapae”. Ahapae is a girl of a legendary martyr family that consisted of Ahapae, Charis (Love). Pistis (Hope) and Elpis (Belief).
Love is the dominating point of this triangle. The name Liubov means “love, beloved”.

Name and character.

She’s got a real mannishly strong will. Lubov is quite communicable. She differs with her beauty and kindness. She gets on with men as well as with women.
Still she might be rather cool and reserved. Perhaps she is the person who is never absolutely frank even with the nearest people.
Luba is rather selfish. Her interests and wishes are of primary importance for her. She seems to be quiet and well-balanced yet she is rather passionate.

Emotional characteristics/Spirits.

Lubov may be rather sharp with people who can hurt her. She is hot-tempered and might even loose the control. However, she is very firm and devout somewhere deep down inside of herself.
Lyuba is a strong-willed but rather inflexible woman. She never shows her deep feelings and thoughts. She might be irritated just with a trifle and pay no attention to some serious problems at the same time.
She is quite compliant but there are some limits for her.


Lubov usually doesn’t feel like making any sacrifice, but quite the contrary. She tries to dominate the other people yet without demonstrating her intentions.
Ljubov is very attentive and friendly with her parents, but still she is rather cool with them. Her kindness is rather superficial in some way. It is not the true and deep feeling at times.

Marriage/Family life.

Lubov is not the luckiest woman in the world. She is never enthusiastic over the work about the house.
She is quite strict with her children, so they are usually closer to their father.
The first marriage experience might be sometimes unhappy. However, Luybov won’t be lonely for a long time.


Luybov likes visiting beauty shops and boutiques. She can be really good at sports.
She is interested in occultism and sometimes tries to cure her friends and relatives with the approaches of holistic medicine.