Larisa Larissa Lara Lora Larison’ka Larisochka Larochka

Meaning and origin.

The name Larisa (more seldom Larissa) derives from the Old Greek town name Larissa. Others consider it is related to the Latin word “larus” or Greek “liarus” which means a seagull.
The initial meaning of the word is a gluttonous bird. Another version points the Old Greek word “laros”, which means “sweet, pleasant”, as the initial word.
The name Larisa means: a seagull, sweet, pleasant.

Name and character.

Larisa is a very reserved and secretive person. Her obedience might stand her in bad stead.
Larissa’s character resembles the tongues of the flame that are calm and light at the bottom, but sharp and dangerous on the top.
She combines tranquility with harshness thus creating quite a flexible image. Larissa is rather ambiguous, she is powerful and grand and helpless at the same time.

Emotional characteristics/Spirits.

Larissa is too sensitive and impressionable. She manages to control her born aggressiveness and not to impose her will one the people around.
Larisa is an objective person. She would be extremely unhappy in case someone dominated her. She is very reasonable and is sure of herself.
However she might be very confused and indecisive when facing something intangible.


Larisa follows quite strict moral principles. She is always ready to excuse others and never forgive her own mistakes.
She can’t stand somebody’s meddling with her life. She is very offensive and a great number of things can seriously hurt her.

Marriage/Family life.

Life would be too vapid without women with this name. When married, Larissa never tries to reclaim her husband. She just accepts him as her due.
It may seem she is rather cold with her husband and children. At least, Larisa will hardly give up her work because of the children.
However, it is only her husband’s faithlessness that makes her start the divorce. This is the most abominable thing for her. At the same time she might be really suffering of loneliness.


Larisa is fond of children and the job at the kindergarten fits her character the best.