Ksenia Ksenya Xenia Ksuysha Ksuyshen’ka

Meaning and origin.

The name Ksenia (folk. Axinya, Oksana, colloq. Xenya) presumably derives from the Greek word “xenia” which means stranger.
There’s also another theory that relates the name Xenia with the Greek name Polyxena which means hospitable.

Name and character.

Ksenia is a very sensitive woman and takes all the joys and sorrows of life very close. She is rather an unsteady person.
Ksenya often protests against injustice, struggles for her own rights and sympathizes with others.

Emotional characteristics/Spirits.

Ksenia is a real fidget, cheerful and fickle. She is quick-tempered, bashful and emotional. She is an extreme person.
Ksenya lacks steadiness and even temper. She is rather ambitious and ready to make the sacrifice at the same time.

Marriage/Family life.

Taking care about her family is of primary importance for Xenia. Usually she gets married quite early and her family life is very happy.
Although she is a good mother and a housewife, it is rather difficult to live with her.


Xenia is good at sewing and enjoys doing it. However, her own thoughts and feelings are extremely important for her no matter what she’s involved in.
She likes cooking and prepares the most delicious jams and marinades.