Kira Kirochka Kiryusha

Meaning and origin.

The name Kira is a feminine variant of a masculine name Cyros (derived from Greek “kyrios” which means “master” “the Lord”).
The Greek kurios in its turn is a modification of a Persian King’s name Kurush that was difficult to pronounce. There’s also another opinion that derives the name from the rare Old Greek feminine name Kyrie, which means “mistress, lady”.

Name and character.

Kira is rather a complicated person. She is authoritative, strict and reasonable. She faces all the difficulties of life persistently. She is a sucker for flattery and this is her shortcoming.
Kira may sometimes surprise and even astonish the people around. However, she often remains unnoticed and it hurts her deeply. She is a stubborn, vain and unlucky person.

Emotional characteristics/Spirits.

Kira is a typical introvert person. She is seriously worried about the problems but just doesn’t show it. She is withdrawn and tied-lipped. She is always eager to be the lord and ruler and is rather childish shortcoming is characteristic of her and true for any age.
It’s difficult for her to get on with people as she is rather a competitive person. Kira often has her own views on life that are dramatically different from the common sense. She is a stubborn person and usually doesn’t feel like meeting halfway.
She’s rather inclined to the nerve breaks because of the unsteady spirits. Kira is an easily excited person. However, her actions are far from being well-considered and not always fit the bill.


Kira is a true friend. She will surely help if you need it without hesitation. She’s inoffensive and placable yet she won’t forgive unfaithfulness even not intended.
Kira is very delicate and tactful in intimate affairs and often is too shy to tell the partner he doesn’t satisfy her. She becomes rather irritable, as she doesn’t know what to do in this case. She never feels like gossiping about anyone.

Marriage/Family life.

Kira doesn’t like doing the housework. Nevertheless, she wants to have a family and children. However, she’s often unhappy in her family life.
Once fell in love, she will be really faithful to this man. Happy marriage and true feelings are of great importance for Kira.


Kira is fond of reading and does it a lot yet she prefers taking some activities in her free time.