Julia Yulya Juliana Julyana Yuliya Yulenka Yulechka

Meaning and origin.

The women name Julia (old Iulia) is a Roman family name. Another version relates it with the feminine variant of the masculine name Julius that derived from a Latin word which means “curly, fluffy”, “a sheaf”.
The name Julia means curly, wavy, fluffy, born in July.

Name and character.

Julia seems to be wise and tender, however she’s rather fretful. She’s quite good-natured and generous. She is especially good at accusing anyone of her problems but for herself. She is an irresponsible woman.
Yulia is born to obey to someone and might be quite successful with a good guidance. She is very dreamy and needs somebody else’s strong will. She never tries to produce some artificial image of herself. Her behavior is very natural and is influenced by her character.

Emotional characteristics/Spirits.

Yuliya is rather wild and avoids conflicting with the people around. She is quite well-breaded and doesn’t enjoy various festivals. She is extremely impulsive and excitable. Her name resembles the word whirligig and she is a real fidget. She is a sanguine person. But although she’s so cheerful, she’s really working hard at improving herself. This makes her firm and steadfast.
Julia is steady and persistent, but these characteristics actually have nothing common with stubbornness. She is calm and quiet with sorrows as well as with joys. She is a self-respecting girl. She is as good as her words and she always keeps her promises. Unfaithful and deceitful actions may hurt her deeply.

Marriage/Family life.

Julia is not always happy in her family life as she doesn’t accept either authoritative or a weak-willed man. She is good at cooking, especially at making various jams and marinades. Yuliya is always glad to receive guests. She won’t let anyone be bored.


Yulya is good at housekeeping and she tries to do her best at it. She is interested in everything mysterious and supernatural as well.