Irina Iryna Ira Iren Irochka Irisha Irishka Irinka Irinushka

Meaning and origin.

The name Irina (folk. Arina, Orina) derives from the Old Greek words, which mean peace and tranquility.

Name and character.

Irina is a self-dependent and resolute person who often takes a sober view of things around. She is not in the least sentimental and seems to be rather harsh quite on the contrary.
Iryna is very sociable and becomes even rather uninhibited among unfamiliar people especially men. She is straightforward and sharp in her opinions and judgments. She is a good or, rather, inventive and smart housewife.
All the time Ira does her best to create the image of a self-dependent and cool business lady. However, she is very amorous, vulnerable, sensitive and jealous.
She is a person with her own views on life and strong independent opinions. Since the Kiev Russ Irina has been always associated with peacemaking and common sense because of her delicate taste and tactfulness.

Emotional characteristics/Spirits.

Irina is an extravert person. She can easily adjust to any situation. She’s impartial and biased at the same time.
Ira feels a strong need for devoting herself to some activity either caring for relatives or being involved in social affairs or religion. Her patience is rather a sacrifice. However, she’s quite flexible and is able to manage herself. She totally relies on her feminine intuition.
She’s got a good sense o humor. She will never show she’s suffering of something.


She can really annoy the people around with her perfect and impeccable behavior. She is a true friend and an unselfish person.
Although she’s placable and kind, she is very offensive and responds to the insults rather sharply. Love is the only way she affirms herself.

Marriage/Family life.

Irina is a faithful wife and a devotedly loving and caring mother nearly always. Her husband and children pay much respect to her.
However, she never totally subjects her own life to the family and husband’s interests and needs.
She becomes the family leader rather seldom as she usually relies on her husband. Being a really good cook or a housewife is not her hobby either.


Iryna is fond of reading especially science fiction and detective novels, likes going in for sports. She is quite comforted and relaxed with friends and wouldn’t mind drinking another glass of wine.
Ira feels herself much more better with men rather then women. She is sometimes keen on various fashionable and new ideas about upbringing. So it’s rather difficult for her to slate the innate strive for peace and quiet.