Inna Innochka Innushka

Meaning and origin.

The name Inna, which is of Gothic, Greek, Latin or Old Germanic origin, means “heavy water”.
It’s a masculine name actually, however nowadays it is used as a feminine one together with Rimma and Pinna.

Name and character.

Inna is kind of a sanguine person by nature. Nevertheless she’s rather joyful and even frivolous than pushing and energetic.
She is not the luckiest person in the world yet she quite inoffensive. And it is the quality that helps her to get on with various problems.
Inna isn’t disposed to melancholy or depressions. She is rather impatient. She needs to be kindly and patiently treated.
She is a person of integrity, rather indifferent to the world around and involved in some feelings and thoughts deep down inside of her.

Emotional characteristics/Spirits.

Inna never forgives her friends even for the slightest shortcomings. And she never forgets the least damage made to her, although she’s not a revengeful person.

Marriage/Family life.

It may be a real problem for a man to be Inna’s husband. She’s always longing for attention, care and praise.
She’s quite happy in her marriage life; however her children often disappoint her.
They become not the ones she wanted them to be, so it might cause some conflicts.
She is rather inflexible and wants to dominate. Quite often her marriage ends with parting and divorce.


Inna is in some way keen on various extravagant good deeds. She loves children and is very conscious about the treating of her children.
She often tries to place them into music schools or sports training centres. She likes cooking since her childhood.
She enjoys trying cooking various delicious dishes.