Galina Galya Galen’ka Galochka

Meaning and origin.

The name Galina is of Old Greek origin (galene) and means calm, clearness, silence, gentleness, calm weather.

Name and character.

Galina is distinguished with persistence she does everything with.
Her diligence, affability and courtesy ensure that she can avoid any difficult and problematic situation.
She is quite quick and brisk, impulsive and sensual, can be easily involved in anything, sometimes even more than needed.
The love to children and men is her main foible. Galina is a good manager, a cheerful and kind person. Such women may be either too talkative (you won’t stop her!) or too silent. No other alternative.
Galina just can’t stand being in a messy room, listening to an amateur singer, tasting overcooked cake.

Emotional characteristics/Spirits.

Galina is characterized with edifying and flat opinions.
She is a steady source of tension and anxiety yet not too big. She is the reason of many conflicts.
Galya has a strong but still limited will, and might have some nerve breaks. She is a pessimist.
It’s not easy to annoy her, but if she is irritated, she can be even furious.


She is only interested in people that can be somehow useful for her.

Marriage/Family life.

She is calm, gentle, agreeable but demanding at home.
The repeated marriage is rather usual, as she will surely find the fault with her husband.
Her ideal is the most handsome and bravest man who believes Galina is the best wife of all.


She likes reading historical novels and travel books. Hiking and camping are among her hobbies.