Eugenia Evgenia Evgenya Evgeniya Jenya Jenechka Zhenya Zhenechka

Meaning and origin.

The name Evgenia is a feminine form of a masculine Evgene derived from the Old Greek “evgenes” which means noble. The name Gennady is of the same root. It has the meaning of “noble”.
The sound shape of the name creates the image of a light, flexible and soaring stream of air or a meandering river that dwindles round the bend. It’s a reliable, ardent, gentle and beautiful name.

Name and character.

Eugenia is obstinate and offensive, punctual, practical and thrifty. She is a person of strict manners. She might be a bit boring, but she is faithful and reliable.
She’s a bright, passionate and ambitious personality. Sometimes her actions cannot be easily explained with the help of the common sense. Eugenia is a resolute woman.
She feels herself quite comforted merely at any situation. She is not an ordinary person and is a fidget. She moves from one place to another quite easily. She may rearrange the family with the same with equal facility.
And all these don’t cause her any serious problems. She’s willed by the fate and just doesn’t mind it.

Emotional characteristics/Spirits.

She needs to communicate with the world around. She has a powerful however in some way extravagant imagination. She likes dominating the people around starting with the parents.
She is a passionate, irrepressible, unlimited person. She doesn’t have the sense of danger. Once started, she’ll continue doing it no matter how dangerous it might be.


She is eager to get the desirable thing at any cost. Eugenia can help at the most hard time and will help unsparingly and with any means.
She feels really comforted only among the familiar people. She’ll never refuse to help a close person.

Marriage/Family life.

Gallant, affable and reserved men are the ones in her liking.


She is a good hand at laying the table and cooking in her husband’s.