Elizaveta Elisaveta Yelizaveta Liza Lisa Lizonka Lizochka Elizabeth

Meaning and origin.

The name Elizaveta (coll. Lizaveta) is the Old Jewish origin and can be translated, as “Lord is my vow, I vow with the name of Lord”. The name has the meaning of the vow to the Lord, Lord’s help. Other forms of the name are Eliza, Elsa, Isabella, and Olisava.

Name and character.

Yelizaveta is rather self-loving, impulsive yet she’s able to see her own shortcomings. She tries to look better than she actually is. It makes her act rather extravagant sometimes, however she is often sorry for it.
Although she likes being the leader, she’s a gentle and kindhearted person. Liza is born to be the faithful sweetheart. Quiet family is very important for her. Business, friends, amusement and relaxation are just the background for her.
It takes her so much time to be happy that this happiness becomes the most precious treasure for her. Her love feelings are so deep and strong one cannot resist. She is rather complicated person as a whole.

Emotional characteristics/Spirits.

She is an introvert person. She doesn’t always say what she really means. And she doesn’t always do what she says. She is not easily influenced. She is rather sentimental and reserved.
One shouldn’t be tempted with her meekness as she’s just trying to drive the interlocutor demented with the ambiguous insinuation. One shouldn’t forget she’s a cunning fox.
She is not the person who manages to control herself, but she can be easily appeased. She might be sometimes quite persistent; still there are limits for her. She usually gives up when faces somebody’s strong will.


Elisaveta is very ambitious and it dominates her moral principles. It is necessary for her to stop in time, otherwise any morals is of no importance for her. She is very straightforward and isn’t able to adjust to the situation.
Although Elisabeth is not an evil or rowdy woman, she may hurt other people telling them some unpleasant yet fair things.

Marriage/Family life.

Elisabeth’s family life is quite often rather unhappy. She is trying to keep peace and quiet in the family.
She is on good terms with the neighbors and can easily stand frequent and numerous guests. She is really good at getting on with all that everyday problems. Sometimes she happens to be a small-minded and superficial person.
She is a good housewife, hospitable and affable, so one shouldn’t expect herbeing extremely passionate or deep feeling.
Her family is just the best that can only exist in the world for her. It is the place where she grows stronger and allows herself to relax. Surprisingly her marriage and intimate life is even and quiet.


She is really good at running the house. She is always ready to cook the most delicious dish.