Alyona Elena Yelena Lena Lenochka Lenulya Lenchik Helen Helena

Meaning and origin.

The name Elena (folk Alyona) is of the Old Greek origin. It is supposed to be derived from the word “helenos” which means light. The initial form is Selena, the Old Greek word denoting the moon.
The meaning of a name is: sunny, light, torch, elected, shining. Its ancient form – Selena- creates the lyrical image of the ideal femininity, exquisite and flexible, mysterious and weak, sensual but not really deep. Selena is shining brightly with all her eternal beauty.
Her emotional characteristics are merely perfect.

Name and character.

Elena is rather a withdrawn person, always on her own. Her thoughts are somewhere deep inside of her, and that’s the only place she can be happy. However, it doesn’t prevent her being very careful and attentive. She’s a cheerful dreamer and an invincible optimist.
Elena is quick, intelligent, smart, kind-hearted yet not too long. The English call Helen “Lady Sincerity”. She is very credulous. But the person who has ever abused her credulity will be her friend no longer. The incredible laziness is her worst enemy.
She is fighting with it for the whole life. Yelena is an extremely amorous person, however when found the one and only beloved, she’ll do everything for him unsparingly.
Yelena is a fairy, cheerful woman, a perfect being, and the “pride of the kingdom”. Nevertheless her goodness is rather passive. She’s got a powerful memory. She takes much after her father in character.
Lena’s got her own views on life. She will hardly strive for the impossible. She usually goes with the stream, and it is her good luck together with the ability of getting on with the people that help her avoid problems and difficulties.

Emotional characteristics/Spirits.

She is an introvert person. She feels herself comforted within her imagination only, and this is where she dreams of jewels, palaces and luxurious receptions.
She lives in the world of illusions and it makes her deceit the others. Helen is rather concentrated on her inner world than trying to get on with everyday problems, so she quite satisfied with the only necessary things.


There is no wonder Elena often meets her own conscience halfway. She strives for perfection, so she rather intolerant of others’ mistakes and does her best not to repeat them.

Marriage/Family life.

Elena will rather marry a man she feels pity for than the one who is extremely rich. She offers herself in sacrifice and expects the same from her partner. She is annoyed with anything that takes her husband away from her either job or friends, or anything else.
Family life never absorbs Helen totally. Pampers and crockery don’t take first place.
Nevertheless, Yelena is a stay-at-home woman, careful mother. She makes everyone feel calm and quiet.


Elena is easily carried away. She is good at knitting, sewing, embroidering.