Catherine Ekaterina Ekatherina Katerina Yekaterina Katya Katyusha

Meaning and origin.

The name Yekaterina (Catherine) derived from the Greek word “katarios” which means “pure, virgin”. The word “katarsis” – purification – is of the same root. The initial letter “e” is usually omitted according to the western way of spelling: Catherine, Catharine.
There’s even a masculine Catholic name Catharin. The name has the meaning of pure, virgin, and true.

Name and character.

Ekaterina is an impulsive and vain person. It’s difficult for her to know someone better than she is. Actually she’s rather unsure of herself deep down inside of her, so she tries to prove her perfection and superiority.
She is a real dreamer with powerful imagination. Yekaterina really seeks reliability and emotional balance in love and friendship. She is a reliable and light-hearted person herself.
Although the name Catherine for many people is associated the “royal” name, power and greatness, women with such name usually don’t have anything common with these qualities.
She is rather vain and is eager to be the best, so she usually makes friends with the elite. Her resoluteness is the result of talent, reasonable thriftiness and generosity.
She often rejects someone else’s help trying to cope with everything just on her own; however she may overestimate her abilities.
She takes poverty and wealth as her due; remains reserved and calm. She’s rather clever, placid, sometimes kind, tactful and with good-manners. She is a well-behaved person and makes the people around feel it.
She may be too subjective and often takes on herself too much. She’s got rather a complicated character and she has a vivid and interesting life. She is not the most vulnerable person.

Emotional characteristics/Spirits.

She is a light-hearted woman. However someone may consider her a phlegmatic person.


Her moral principles depend on the environment and the circumstances.

Marriage/Family life.

Yekaterina never lacks the admirers, men enjoys chasing about her. However, she may have the late marriage as she seeks for a person who’s emotionally close to her.
She wouldn’t rather demonstrate her feelings. She becomes a good housewife and careful mother when married. Although she’s rather a careful person, she’s seldom affected to someone.


She likes shows and entertainments.