Daria Dariya Dasha Dashenka Dashunya Darunchik

Meaning and origin.

The name Darya is a feminine variant of the name of the Persian king Dariy (Darayavausha).
It can be translated from Old Persian as strong, powerful, winning, owner, rich, great fire.

Name and character.

Darya is very smart and easily gasps the meaning. Although she is not enough industrious and persistent, she usually succeeds in her life. She’s got a good taste and rich imagination.
She has a sharp tongue, is charming and amorous. She is a bright personality and finds herself quite comforting in some eccentric situations.
Darya is a passionate woman… She is not in the least a small-minded person and is always a faithful friend and beloved. She is a nice person.
She is brave, courageous, and rough from the very beginning and tries to be kind- hearted and pleasant.

Emotional characteristics/Spirits.

She’s a woman of strong feelings, quick-tempered but she is not in the least a hasty person. She is quite resolute, authoritative and unpredictable. She is open-hearted but takes a sober view of things.
She is fond of being among people. She may be easily confused even with the lightest criticism guessing then at the wrong thing she might have done. She is never angry for a long time.


Someone may thing there’s no morals for Darya because of her free and easy way of behavior. However, this is not true. She is a brave, kind and strong-willed person and is often ready to take the responsibility.

Marriage/Family life.

Darya is a stay-at-home person, and may be sometimes a bit lazy. She tries to be rather independent in her family life but she is never unfaithful. She is eager to be the chief person in the family. She might be a bit rough. Her family is quite friendly, cheerful and hospitable.
She is a handy person and always want to save money looking for discounts. She gets on well with relatives and never quarrels with a husband within their presence.


She is good at sewing and knitting and dresses tastefully. She’s just keen on cooking various jams, pickles and marinades. She wouldn’t mind to flirt with someone.