Antonina Tonya Tonechka

Meaning and origin.

The name Antonina (Russ., Ukr. colloq. Antonida) is a feminine form of the Roman emperors names Antonin, Antonius or the name Anton (Anthony) derived from the Roman family name Antonius.
It may be translated from Latin as vast, possession, comparison, opponent and as “the one acquiring something instead” from Old Greek.

Name and character.

Antonina seems to be a born housewife. It’s impossible to find another woman more capable of housework and cooking.
She is provident and eager to make the family prosperous and happy. You’ll find no signs of a romantic person with her! No stupid advice! She is practical, responsive and kindhearted.
She will stand everything to keep the family. She is also scrupulous, punctual and thorough at work. She is the most accurate and smart person. It is the kind of a woman who is able to listen and hear.

Emotional characteristics/Spirits.

She is trying to escape the reality in endless dreams and illusions. She is inclined to psychic depressions. It is introspection that merely hurts her delicate soul.


The idea of morals is just nothing to her. She simply doesn’t care of any moral responsibility it might be.

Marriage/Family life.

Antonina becomes an ideal housewife when got married. She is responsive and she’s got a lot of friends.


Suddenly she may start being keen on something and involve the others.