Anna Annushka Anechka Anya Anyuta Nyuta

Meaning and origin.

The name is of the Old Jewish origin. It means: abundance, gracious, lovely, and graceful.

Name and character.

Anna is a real bustler. She resembles a small and brisk bird that is always making nests wherever she is – at home or at work. She is usually concerned not only with her own problems, but also with those of the others.
Anna is accurate, attentive, and pitiful that might be harmful to her and the rest. Actually she is a sacrificial person or at least the one considering of being that.
Anna can fall in love with a drunkard, an unlucky or even ill person. Even so she is never sorry of her choice. She bears her cross without complaint and is eager to help the poor fellow.
She wakes his life lust and encourages the yearning for getting the place under the moon. As a rule she is interested and reacts to everything that happens around.

Emotional characteristics/Spirits.

She is an introvert and cannot be easily influenced. She’s got an infallible memory. Anna is capricious and demanding.
It’s not an easy task for anyone to adjust to the change of her mood.


She is not too strict. Anna believes she can adjust her morals to her mood. She will certainly help an old woman next door with her shopping and housework. She will care of the same her relatives and friends do.
Although they sometimes abuse her care, she never fells hurt.

Marriage/Family life.

Anna’s first marriage might be unhappy, so she feels herself unsettled then. Anna is a faithful and devoted wife she can’t stand unfaithfulness.
She’ll withdraw into oneself and becomes unsociable for a long time if faces brutality and boorishness. Still it’s not necessary she prefer the test of loneliness and the divorce to the downtrodden dignity.


She is good at sewing and likes wearing nice dresses.