Anastasia Anastasya Nastya Nasten’ka Nastena Nastyusha

Meaning and origin.

The name Anastasia (col. Nastasia, Nastasya, Anastaseya, Nastaseya) is a feminine variant of the masculine name Anastasy (Anastas). It derives from the Old Greek “anastas” which means rose from the dead, resurrected; the word comes from the Indo-European root “sta” – to stand.
It means: resurrection, returned to life, rose from the dead, rising from the dead. Initially it had the meaning of removal. It’s a lovely name that harmoniously combines delicacy and reliability, naivety and lightness.

Name and character.

As a rule she’s a rather complicated and contradictory woman.
Anastasia is all charm and elegance; she is a moody girl ready to love and to estrange herself from the people around at the same time. She is distinguished with vulnerable soul and unmistakable insight. She is able to foresee and predict the future.
However, Anastasia’s usually so smart and intelligent that she can stump even the most acute people. There’s only one shortcoming – she’s a lazy and cool person. She just doesn’t notice anyone except of herself and her closest friends.
Anastasia is a lofty woman. Nasten’ka is the most popular fairy name. She is fated to be the most beautiful, intelligent, delicate and tender. She is everyone’s favourite, and she always meets expectations. She is a real dreamer.
She’s got powerful imagination. Anastasya is defenseless and helpless with evil and artful people. It’s rather easy to cheat and offend her. This is why she needs care and support. She is a diligent woman in case she was brought up to be so. She turns into a tempting woman when an adult.
She is a cautious and steady person. She can easily adjust herself to the circumstances of life. She is seldom suffering of misfortunes as she fits the situation in a facile way.

Emotional characteristics/Spirits.

A choleric subject, fast in her response. She is very agile and hardly can keep still, so she is often compared with a homing pigeon.
It’s not an easy thing to live together with Anastasia. She’s got unsteady psychics and quickly changes her mood from impetuous joy to deep depression.
She is an introvert person focused on something deep down inside of her. Anastasia often looks too self-assured, yet it’s just the interior. Mental unbalance and life tragedies are alien to her.


She’s got a subtle perception of moral principles yet she might fail them when unsatisfied with the present result. Such moral timeserving may sometimes end with rather tumultuous adventures.

Marriage/Family life.

Anastasya gets married quite early. It’s not a problem to win Anastasia’s affection as she is a sensitive and easily moved person. She’s got a strong feeling of compassion.
She chooses a strong man who is sure of himself. She is a devoted and careful wife; any alluring and pungent affairs are not for her. She’s a good housewife. Anastasia gives all her heart to the children and gets on with all the relatives quite well.


She is interested and involved in everything around her.