Alla Allochka Allusja

Meaning and origin.

Alla means “a letter” (from Old Arabic), “resurrection” (from Old Greek), “another, other” (from Gothic).
The name is supposed to be of Germanic origin, but the exact meaning is still rather doubtful.

Name and character.

Alla is rather self-possessed. She is demanding, capricious and is so obsessed with herself that just don’t leave any emotions for the rest of the world around.
She wouldn’t mind boasting but just a little. She is eager to enchant and override anyone around her.
Arrogance and irritation, sometimes because of nonsense and of herself, cause her a lot of problems. The point is that she lacks the sense of humor. Hatred is her main power.
Some childish way of treating the world around helps her look a kind of a pretty woman for quite a long time.
Alla is beautiful. However, even not being a real beauty she is always that in her mind. When becoming older Alla is even keener on being on the top.

Marriage/Family life.

Allas, who were treated like the pets when children, are less happy in their own family life.
Their marriage might fail. The first marriage sometimes happens to be unhappy.


She is known as a real cookery expert among her friends. She is just keen on taking care of her mother.