Alexandra Aleksandra Sasha Sashen’ka

Meaning and origin.

Aleksandra is a feminine variant of the Greek name Alexander. It means: people’s defender, courageous, courageous defend, trustworthy.
It’s a nice and smooth name. Mighty and powerful sound-shape of the name creates the image of a respectable and independent lady.
She is all dignity and significance, administrative authority and adherence to principles that are the result of her inner potential.

Name and character.

As usual, her character resembles that of a man. She is an ambiguous and contradictory person. Alexandra pretends she doesn’t care of anything in this world for the whole life.
She is eager to be extremely feminine, elegant and mysterious as if trying to avoid her mannish name, and she succeeds in it. One can hardly find a name more charming then this one!
Alexandra is not a warrior; she is compliant and tries to face any problem with a smile. She’s got a lot of friends or rather acquaintances of hers. Still she keeps her soul beyond the reach even of the nearest people.

Emotional characteristics/Spirits.

She really feels a need for communication. She has powerful yet rather extravagant imagination. She likes dominating everyone starting with her parents.
She may seem to be a reserved person, however she’s very candid and expects the others to be sincere too. She won’t forgive you the least deceit and lies. You will loose her confidence at once. Sex is not something connected with emotions for her.


Unsteady. She is obsessed with the desirable thing and then come what may.

Marriage/Family life.

Alexandra makes more friends with boys since childhood, and finds herself more comforted with a male company when an adult. She marries quite late and becomes not only a good housewife, but also a true friend of her husband.
She is able to do a lot of things for her family: to decorate a room with just some tiny things, to cook a delicious dish, to make some fascinating dress just out of nothing.


She likes traveling and spending time out of town. She enjoys watching football or hockey together with her husband. Being quite healthy likes going in for sports and does her best in it. She is fond of reading.